“goodsoundwaves” is the name I’ve given to a private hobby recording studio in my home. When I can find the time, I enjoy learning to record, mix, and produce music.

“BinaryExplosion.studio” is an outlet for my hobbies involving photography and visual art as well as my attempts at creating short videos.

“Our Friendly Chess Club” is a private club that typically meets once a month in my home for chess and dinner. We’ve been playing together since April 2018. Lately we haven’t been doing too much in person and have been trying to have video chess club meetings during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“BeerCanWall.com” is an infrequently updated tribute to beer cans, the collectors, and their personal displays and sets. I have a fairly large collection of beer cans decorating my home bar’s walls and ceiling. They’re mostly duplicates from my dad’s much larger collection and displays.

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